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Here are a couple options for therapy at no charge:
- Family Solutions for Kids offers a great variety of services to meet the needs of children and their families including therapy and psychiatric services (brochure).
- Community Psychological Service (at UMSL) offers therapy for children & families for a variety of concerns. Psychological evaluation is also offered.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Protecting Our Children

When parents think of protecting their children, I believe they most often think of "stranger danger".  While children need to know how to handle the threat of strangers, what they might lack is an awareness of the potential threat of people they may already be familiar with.  Jewish Family & Children's Services (JF&CS) is an agency that takes aim at training children and adults on preventing sexual abuse through it's Child Abuse Prevention Program (CAPP).  Four years ago, one of our parents told me about the CAPP program.  After a quick phone call, Jennifer Bernstein, the coordinator of the program came to show us what it was about.  What a relief it was to know that such a service existed and the program was offered free. The truth is that as a school counselor of young children, the idea that so many children may be victims of sexual abuse, and many never tell, weighs heavy (Statistics).  So again this year, our students will have the opportunity to hear the age appropriate presentations and learn a language that will make them more confident if they are are every confronted with a potentially frightening situation.  Parents are invited to preview the program Monday, October 10, 2011 at 7pm in McNair's library.  I would love if we had a big crowd, because I believe this information is something that every parent would benefit from hearing.